Wholesale distributors to merchants

in the building, roofing, fencing and agricultural trades.


In 1921 we started delivering to customers using our own lorry and since then our fleet has grown to 22 vehicles. Over the years we have found that owning and running our own delivery vehicles means that we can be flexible and offer better customer service. Our 5 depots make us ideally placed to cover mainland UK. Our overnight transhipments ensure stock can be moved between the depots and demands met across our customer base. Using our own drivers has huge advantages too; they get to know where you are and how you work, which helps to create a smooth delivery process.

We are now delivering to over 2,000 customers a range of over 8,500 products. We aim to provide over 99% stock availability and next-day delivery where possible, holding six months' of stock for reliable service provision to our customers.


About Henry Shaw

We are a family-run supplier dealing almost exclusively with independent merchants. We aim to provide 99% stock availability and next-day delivery where possible.

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    Registered Office:
      2-4 Deacon Way
      Reading, RG30 6AZ

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